What place (if any) for academics in our post-truth era ?

Thursday  December 7, 2017, 14.00-18.00

16th Ethical Forum of the University Foundation


To us academics, the public debate often seems corrupted by oversimplification, misinformation, confusion and plain lies. Sometimes these prove decisive in determining the outcome of an election or a referendum. And when academics try to share their knowledge and correct the mistakes, they are now dismissed as belonging to a biased elite at least as often as listened to with the respect they believe they are owed


The purpose of this Ethical Forum was to stimulate reflection on the important questions:


What explains this apparent decline in people's trust in academic authority? What should academics do to regain it? What is their responsibility in a "post-truth" public realm crowded with "alternative facts"? 

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Organizing committee: B. Pattyn (co-ordinator), E. De Keuleneer, H. Garmyn, J.P. Lambert, P. Loobuyck, G. Van der Perre, P. Van Parijs, D. Willems, J. Willems, D. Zwarthoed.

Sad News: Prof. Georges Van der Perre, member of the organizing committee, passed away on September 14, 2017.