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Philippe Van Parijs

Too many students?  On the purpose, legitimacy and adequacy of university entry and orientation tests.  Philippe VAN PARIJS, in Ethical Perspectives 23, 2016, 336-43.

2016.Too Many students.pdf
Philippe Van Parijs

Personal conclusions and synthesis

Dirk Van Damme

Presentation by Dirk Van Damme

Jeroen Huisman

Presentation by Jeroen Huisman

huisman_Ethical Forum 2015.pdf
Wouter Duyck

Presentation by Wouter Duyck

duyck ethical forum 12 november 2015.pdf

Sildes for the panel discussion

William Guillet

Slides for the panel discussion

presentation FEF - WGuillet.pdf
J.P. Lambert

« Kick off » for the concluding panel discussion

Lambert_Ethical Forum 2015 UF 12-11-2015.pdf
Various authors

Discussion articles in the Flemish press and media (in Dutch)

J.P. Lambert

Choix des orientations et besoins de la société. Article pour Reflets et Perspectives de la vie économique. (in French)

Choix des orientations.pdf
Wouter Duyck

Newspaper discussion items (in Dutch)

Wouter Duyck

Paper in "THEMA" (in Dutch)

Vraag het SIMON.pdf