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De Dijn, al.

Being a professor in 2016. Position paper by a working group of the KVAB (Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Arts and Sciences)

De Dijn H.

Introduction to colloquium organized by the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and Arts (KVAB), Sept 13, 2016.

KVAB-inleiding 13 sept.pdf
H. De Dijn et al.

Professoraat anno 2016. Standpunt gepubliceerd door de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie.

professoraat-anno-2016 (1).pdf
Patrick Loobuyck

Newspaper article in "De Standaard" (21 November 2013)

Liudvika Leisyte

Presentation by prof.  Liudvika Leisyte: Abstract and Power Point presentation

LeisyteAbstract.doc, FOrOnlineLeisyteBrusselsNov2013.pdf
Egbert de Weert

Presentation by dr. Egbert de Weert (Power Point)

PPT DeWeert (2) Forum Brussel.pdf
Herman De Dijn

Contribution "Professors or Professionals?" and supporting papers by em. prof. Herman De Dijn.

HDeDijn-Ethical Forum 2013.pdf, dedijn_2002.pdf, dedijn_2007.pdf
Frank Willaert

"Can we fall in love again? A testimony." Contribution by prof. Frank Willaert.

Dominique Willems

"Het professoraat anno 2010. Koorddansen tussen Bologna en Lissabon." Text of a lecture related to the topic of EF 2013

Michel Gevers

Power Point Presentation and supporting paper "Scientific performance indicators: a critical appraisal and a country by country analysis" by em. Prof. Michel Gevers

EthicalForum-Gevers-Final.pdf, AE-Paper-MGevers.pdf
Liesbet Geris

Presentation by Liesbet Geris

Itinera Institute

Presentation and supporting documents for an intervention in EF 2013

dias_Itinera_Presentatie Ethical Forum FINAL.pdf, Itinera_PR12_enqueteenseignementsuperieur_FR.PDF, Itinera_PR12_Hogeschoolenquete_NL.PDF
Actiegroep HO

Presentation for an intervention in EF 2013

Actiegroep_Presentation EF.pdf
Various authors

Some newspaper items related to the topic of EF 2013