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Ethical Forum 2020 - 2021 Programme

Fair exams in a mass university: can technology get us out of trouble?

The event was organized "online", because of the sanitary situation.



       Part 1: 


Jacques WILLEMS  (Chairman of the University Foundation)


Jean-Paul LAMBERT, Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles (coordinator of the Ethical Forum 2020 - 2021)


 Background addresses


  • Matthieu HAUSMAN and Laurent LEDUC (in collaboration with Pascal DETROZ), Université de Liège, "Learning analytics at the bedside of a seriously ill patient called ‘Assessment’ "
  • Martin VALCKE, Universiteit Gent, "Recent development in assessment and evaluation in higher education: making exams fair and fit-for-purpose" (Abstract)
  • Isabelle DURANT, UCLouvain"Fair exams in a mass university: (also) a collective and institutional issue" 

Short interventions from the floor

        Part 2


chaired by Jean-Paul LAMBERT,  Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles 

Introductions to the debate


  • Tinne DE LAET, professor, KU Leuven
  • Bieke DE VRIEZE, Educational Quality Assurance Office, UGent
  • Lucas VAN MOLLE, president of FEF (Fédération des Étudiants Francophones) 
  • Antoine BAKHASH, Board Member of the Flemish Student Association (VVS)
      General Discussion: speakers and public

Final Remarks 
by Philippe VAN PARIJS, UCLouvain


A number of background documents and the available presentations are included in the downloads section (see link above) as they become available. The video recording of the background addresses is available by this link and the video recording of the introductions to the debate by this link.